Doctor Barb’s Ideal Weight Loss
Doctor Barb’s Ideal Weight Loss

A Medically Developed Weight Loss and Sustainable Weight Management Program with Over 10 Years of Success –

What are You Waiting For...

The studies and statistics are clear…the majority of dieting options only provide a temporary solution for life long weight related problems. Why? Because most people, even after they’ve lost weight and think they’re eating well, don’t know how or why they gain weight. If you’re committed to losing weight and improving your well being, then Ideal Protein may have your solution. Contact us today 416-944-1600 to request your initial weight loss assessment and get the answers to these 4 vital questions:

  • What effect does insulin have on fat production?
  • Which foods should be eaten in what combination to prevent weight gain?
  • How many calories do I have to burn to lose 1 pound of fat?
  • What does a balanced diet really mean?

You’ve already taken the first step on your journey towards stable weight can’t stop now. Please contact Doctor Barb’s Ideal Weight Loss today to request your initial weight loss assessment and learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.

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